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The Diva DAO

The motivation for Diva


🌳 Diva has been conceived as a public good, for the benefit of Ethereum Stakers and the ecosystem at large 🌳

Diva is an automated and trustless software that extends Ethereum with additional functionality for Stakers and Operators.

This allows it to provide Liquid Staking powered Distributed Validation in a permissionless and trustless manner, without extracting any protocol fees.

The Diva DAO is entrusted with deciding on the final parameters for the launch and operation of the Diva staking protocol at launch.

The Diva DAO

The Diva DAO represents its users via the Delegated DIVA token holders, who can exercise voting power.

Delegated Diva Token holders are entrusted to govern it as a public good.

There is a fixed total supply of 1,000,000,000 DIVA tokens. DIVA tokens which aren't effectively delegated are not taking into account for governance purposes.

Each Delegated DIVA token is worth 1 vote on decisions such as:

  • Deploying the Diva Smart Contracts.
  • Curating Diva by adjusting network parameters (if any).
  • Evangelizing for the Diva staking protocol.

DIVA is currently non-transferrable. If you're looking to earn potential DIVA tokens, check the Early Stakers initiative.

The Diva DAO components are fully decentralized:

In order to become DAO members, token holders must accept their role by delegating their vote to a delegate or to themselves.