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Early Stakers Initiative

Diva Staking is still under development, but you can already support its launch.

You can now deposit ETH or stETH into Pre-Launch Vaults to become eligible for DIVA tokens.

Good to know

DIVA tokens are currently non-transferable. Join the initiative for potential DIVA allocations.

πŸ‘‰ Visit the Diva Early Stakers website to get started

How does it work​

You can deposit ETH or stETH to signal your support for the Diva Staking launch. Every (st)ETH will earn DIVA tokens for every day in the vault starting 30 days before mainnet launch date.

TVL commitments are important, because they attract Liquid Stakers, Operators and facilitate integrations.

Two vaults​


ETH deposits are simply kept in "hold" mode until Diva Staking launches. stETH are also kept untouched until launch, but earn ETH staking rewards as you wait.

Once Diva Staking goes live, all (st)ETH will be converted to divETH, Diva's Liquid Staking Token (LST), which generates Ethereum staking rewards and can be freely traded on decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

Vaults are non-custodial, allowing depositors to withdraw their funds anytime.


The more (st)ETH you deposit, the more DIVA tokens you will get. You can find the daily reward amount valid for your deposit tranche in the table. Alternatively, use the calculator to determine the amount of tokens.

If you deposit stETH, you will get both Ethereum staking rewards and DIVA tokens when they start accruing. For example, depositing 10 stETH (into the first tranche) and staying in the vault for the maximum duration will result in 4,575 DIVA rewards plus the full staking rewards (stETH before Diva launch and then divETH).

Help Diva Staking launch successfully​

This is an independently run initiative approved by the Diva Staking DAO in DIP-02.

It aims to accelerate the launch and adoption of Diva Staking by helping to:

  • Gain confidence that the protocol and DIVA are widely adopted
  • Distribute voting power to participants according to their commitments
  • Plan node operator capacity and DeFi integrations ahead of launch

This ultimately helps balance and decentralize the Ethereum staking ecosystem by promoting diversity to its LST landscape and embracing the future of DVT technology.

DIVA transferability​

Please note that DIVA is currently non-transferable and not trading, which means that a token price cannot be established.

DIVA token will only become transferable if approved by the Diva Staking DAO. You can check the latest DAO proposal concerning transferability on Tally.

Enzyme protocol infrastructure​

The program is made possible with Enzyme’s on-chain asset management infrastructure and non-custodial smart contract architecture. Stakers retain full self-custody of their funds at all times.

For the full Terms & Conditions, see proposal on Tally.

See the full list of Enzyme Smart Contracts here.

πŸ‘‰ Visit the Diva Early Stakers website to get started