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Diva vs staking with Centralized Exchanges

Both Diva and exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken or Binance offer convenient ways to stake your ETH.

Exchanges are centralized

Exchanges are often regulated entities, required by regulation to fully control their staking servers.

Often they are less transparent than on-chain protocols, and operated by in-house teams which can make mistakes, get hacked, misplace funds, and can in extreme cases, also commit fraud with user funds.

In the recent years, the failures of Celsius, FTX, Genesis and many others have been caused or accelerated by the risks described above.

Further, Exchanges have recently been required by regulators of different jurisdictions to halt or modify their staking operations, creating uncertainty for their users.

Diva is designed to mitigate these risks, following true values of transparency and decentralization.

Diva's validation is purely on-chain

Diva is an agnostic software tool allowing Stakers and Operators to perform their staking tasks more efficiently.

This offers a much higher degree of transparency and fully decentralized risk management systems:

  • Economic collateralization for Operators.
  • Attack and censorship protection by decentralizing its operations.
  • Risk minimization by being non-custodial with funds and keys.

Thanks to a superior design, it is expected that Diva can consolidate as the most liquid and widely adopted Liquid Staking Token.