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Diva Roadmap


Diva is still under active development! Follow this page for updates 😊

Diva Mainnet is expected by Q1-Q2, after the Dencun fork and once the code is complete and fully audited.

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Staking testnet: live

The Diva Staking Goerli testnet is live! It allows you to:

  • ✅ Stake and withdraw your ETH.
  • ✅ Wrap and unwrap your divETH into wdivETH.
  • 🔜 Rewards Reporting

There is also a Dune Analytics dashboard for Diva testnet to visualize network data.

🛣️ Operator testnet: in process

Diva's goal is that anyone can run a node to operate the network and generate Staking Rewards + Operator Rewards.

Diva Operator Testnet is live and open to anyone, with 5 major areas being developed in parallel:

  • ✅ Create and operate validators using Diva's native DVT
  • 🔜 ZKP Reward Oracles
  • 🔜 Collateral & Operator Rewards
  • 🔜 MEV support
  • 🔜 Governance and Tokenomics
  • 🔜 Withdrawals and Exits

This will allow Liquid Stakers, Operators and the Diva DAO members to provide input on its design and possibilities, so everybody can use divETH without the need to trust any centralized or permissioned party.

Diva Mainnet will launch once the last functionalities are fully tested and audited by several top firms.

Diva DAO: launched

The Diva DAO is entrusted to curate the Diva staking protocol:

  • 🏘️ Diva DAO dashboard, now counting over 4,500 token holders!
  • 🗳️ Vote on Tally, several proposals are live.
  • 🚫 DIVA is currently non-transferrable. There is no "airdrop", "sale" or "fundraise"!

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